Unlimited Possibilities

Recent studies on beauty facial machines has discovered that there is no single best high frequency wavelength that is most effective on the skin.
Instead, researchers have arrived at the conclusion that for the best results, multiple wavelengths produced at the same time are necessary.
After 3 years of both labs and clinical work testing out various combinations of high frequency wavelengths, the perfect combination has been found.
Not only is infusion 15 times stronger than simply applying products by hand, but collagen production is also tripled—allowing for the fastest anti-aging results.

Image:Unlimited Possibilities

Beautifully Intelligent

Experience the difference with VECH.
Oversized probes cause difficulties during treatments, cords are easily tangled or damaged—we have taken out these inconveniences and created a hassle-free beauty facial machine to make the facial treatment process more enjoyable for everyone.
VECH is controlled via dual CPU chips connected to a compact semiconductor circuit board. Cordless function is available with the integration of a high-powered lithium ion battery. Combined with high quality Japanese design and manufacturing technologies, the beautifully intelligent LUXCEAR Visage was born.

Image:Beautifully Intelligent(PC) Image:Beautifully Intelligent(tablet/smartphone)

Lab Test Results

Various lengths of high frequency waves generated by the LUXCEAR Visage using the VECH system infuses beauty serums 14 times deeper into the skin compared to application by hand. As a result, skin fibroblasts generate 4.5 times more collagen. By combining both deep infusion of premium beauty ingredients and enhancing collagen production, skin elasticity and firmness increases, providing unrivaled anti-aging results.

Graph:VECH使用前と使用後の肌年齢・水分量(PC) Graph:VECH使用前と使用後の肌年齢・水分量(tablet/smartphone)


Experience quality results every time.
The LUXCEAR Visage has undergone multiple Japanese standardized durability tests including being subjected to operating under harsh temperature conditions (from—20℃to 85℃).
It is only after clearing such strict testing many times are we confident that VECH is a complete and trustworthy system for advancing skin care treatments.

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