Dual Head

Face Head


The 48mm face head features 7 highly conductive probes
that allow VECH to easily cover the broad areas of the face.
To be used around the jawline, cheeks, forehead…etc,
experience the instant magic of deep-poration beauty.

Photo:Face Head(tablet/smartphone)

Point Head


The 28mm point head features 6 high conductive probes
fitted into a small area so that VECH may reach even the narrowest areas of the face.
To be used around the mouth, eyes, nose and even in between the eyebrows—
effortlessly enjoy a luxurious full facial treatment.

Photo:Point Head(tablet/smartphone)
Photo:Highly Conductive Titanium Probes(tablet/smartphone)

Highly Conductive Titanium Probes

In order for VECH to emit stable, highly conductive waves,
the probes are made of a layer of each of copper alloy and titanium.
The outer layer of titanium was chosen for its conductive
but yet hypo-allergenic quality—making
it safe for use by individuals of all skin types.
As well, titanium is an extremely strong metal,
making it resistant to deterioration from repeated contact with gel and skin sebum.

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