Stem Cell Extract
Microstem Gel

A luxurious gel based beauty serum infused with stem cell extract created specifically
for use with deep poration beauty technology.
Paired with the LUXCEAR,
ingredients are infused as deep as the stratum corneum
layer of the skin—providing instant rejuvenating results.

Image:Stem Cell Extract GENOSIGN Microstem Gel(PC) Image:Stem Cell Extract GENOSIGN Microstem Gel(tablet/smartphone)

-“Phyto-cell Tech”,
a specialized cell culturing technology patented by Swiss Mibell
is used to incorporate premium beauty ingredients.

Subtitle:Types of Stem Cell extracts(PC)Subtitle:Types of Stem Cell extracts(tablet/smartphone)

Apple Stem Cell Extract

-Under strict regulation by a specialized group in Switzerland,
a rare nanoized natural apple stem cell extract that is not openly available to public is used in the GENOSIGN series.
This extract returns the skin to its prime via its natural rejuvenation properties.

Grape Stem Cell Extract

-Nanoized grape stem cells are resistant to damage from UV rays.
It directly enhances the user’s stem cells,
boosting skin elasticity and firmness from the inside out.

Beauty Ingredients

  • Image:Horse Placenta(PC)Image:Horse Placenta(tablet/smartphone)
  • Image:Vitamin C Derivatives(PC)Image:Vitamin C Derivatives(tablet/smartphone)
  • Image:Proteoglycan(PC)Image:Proteoglycan(tablet/smartphone)
  • Image:Nano Platinum Extract(PC)Image:Nano Platinum Extract(tablet/smartphone)
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