Visage LUXCEAR Facial Technology


Exude elegance

explore a whole new world of beauty technology

Beautifully Intelligent


beauty technology

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The compacted future


Variable Electro Complex Hertz
Powered by a high performance dual core CPU

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One push is all it takes
Welcome to the future

Simple genius
Use cutting edge technology with astonishing ease


Reaches all corners of the face.

From the jaw line to finer areas such as around the lips and eyes, with LUXCEAR and erase all blemishes from the face.

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Anywhere, anytime

Optimal wireless use has been made possible through the use of a dual core
CPU paired with an exceptionally strong lithium ion battery.


Everlasting quality
Titanium probe head

For the comfort of all skin types, highly conductive and wear resistant
titanium has been used.

Reawaken the cells


An unforgettable experience
A moment of new sensations

In mere minutes
Freely control timeless perfection

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